Bikaner House



27th April 2024 - 03rd May 2024

Welcome to Jiva an exhibition exalting the splendour and timeless essence of nature interwoven with the mythic narratives of India's Puranas Within this collection Ompal Sansanwal a recipient of the National Award invites viewers into a realm where trees transcend mere botanical subjects to embody epic tales and symbolic creatures Bathed in the golden glow of the setting sun each tree resonates with a symphony of refractive indices and vivid sienna tones capturing the vitality and resilience inherent in nature's cycles. Against a backdrop of ochre textured strokes juxtaposed with smoked sienna Sansanwal's compositions evoke a sense of harmony and ethereal tranquility inviting contemplation of our enduring connection to the ever-unfolding tapestry of time As we stand before these works we are reminded of our shared origins rooted in the sacred soil from which all life springs forth Ompal Sansanwal was born in 1964 He received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the College of Art and Crafts Kolkata in 1987 and 1992 respectively Sansanwal's works have been featured in several solo exhibitions, including those held at the Museum Gallery Mumbai in 2006 LTG Gallery New Delhi, in 1999 1996 and 1995 and Shridharani Gallery New Delhi in 1989. Artist Ompal Sansanwal JIVA (Solo Exhibition) Dates 27th April 3rd May 2024 Location Main Art Gallery Bikaner House New Delhi Gallery Black Cube Curator Uma Nair


18th April 2024 - 21st April 2024

AstaGuru India's leading auction house for art, antiques and collectibles is thrilled to present Master's Legacy Dive into iconic modern Indian masterpieces by renowned artists like M.F Husain Manjit Bawa F.N. Souza and more These artists not only demonstrate a profound mastery of technique but also exemplify the diversity and creativity found in Contemporary Indian Art today Do not miss out on this landmark event, marking the 100th auction by AstaGuru On view from April 18th to 21st with a special preview on April 18th.

Drigganita by Kaimurai and Temples of Democracy by Mahbubur Rahman

17th April 2024 - 24th April 2024

Excited to share two incredible artists and their upcoming exhibitions Discover the captivating works of Kaimurai, where spirituality meets artistry through khadi canvas and Indigo medium. Uncover historical connections intertwined with food politics and lockdown reflections. Don't miss the unique perspective Mahbubur Rahman's Temples of Democracy delves into post war identity and societal stagnation in Bangladesh From painting to metalwork his exhibition during the Covid era blurs personal struggles with national challenges Presented by Blueprint 12 at CCA Mark your calendars On View April 17th 24th 2024 Preview April 17th Apri 2024

Astapura by Mayadhar Sahu

17th April 2024 - 21st April 2024

MAG Contemporary is delighted to invite you to Mayadhar Sahu Solo ‘Astapura’ curated by Anica Mann This exhibition is a route map back to the artist’s village Astapura in Mayurbhaj Orissa. The village serves as his anchor in building his practice. A practice that is an assimilation of nostalgia and the urgent need for artists to revive village economies that now lie ignored. In this exhibition one will see the interplay of the marketplaces traditionally called Haṭṭa in Oriya that lead up to temple complexes forming the centre of Village economies Such hubs now remain forgotten as the villages now seek no patronage and have instead become the hubs for labour the city demands Preview Date 17th April 2024 Time 6PM to 8PM Venue: Bikaner House India Gate Main Art Gallery New Delhi Show continues till 21st April 11am to 7pm Looking forward to seeing you all!

Masha Art Presents Between Dreams Paintings By Poonam Bhatnagar

12th April 2024 - 17th April 2024

Join us for a cosmic journey with artist Poonam Bhatnagar's unique webcast style paintings at Kalamkaar! Inspired by the cosmos and her textile background, Poonam captures the universe's essence using intricate textures and vibrant colors. Don't miss Between Dreams a seven-day curated exhibition by Uma Nair, presented by Masha Art offering an immersive and thought provoking experience. On View: 13th to 17th April 2024 Venue: Kalamkaar Experience a cosmic narrative translated onto canvas!

75th Foundation Day of ICCR

09th April 2024 - 14th April 2024

Join us in celebrating the 75th Foundation Day of ICCR on April 9 2024 As part of the "Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav" initiative by Hon’ble Prime Minister, ICCR is thrilled to present Pratibha Sangam Confluence of Talents a unique global competition showcasing India's rich cultural heritage in classical music and dance. Do not miss their special exhibition Arindam An Exhibition on Ramayan under Year of Connecting World through Ramayana 2024 and captivating cultural performances Event Date 9th to 14th April 2024 Venue LTC and Chandni Bagh, Bikaner House Join ICCR and Bikaner House in celebrating India's cultural splendor!

Todywalla Auctions Classical Indian Art Preview in Delhi

05th April 2024 - 09th April 2024

Todywalla Auctions the country leading numismatic auction house is thrilled to present the Todywalla Auctions Classical Indian Art Preview in Delhi Mark your calendars On View 5th 9th April 2024 Preview 5th April 2024 Venue: Main Art Gallery Specializing in the study and trade of coins and currency collectibles Todywalla Auctions is licensed by the Archaeological Survey of India ASI and has been in the auction business for over 18 years Don not miss this exclusive exhibition featuring Classical Indian Art open to the public Please note This preview is organized in Delhi for their upcoming auction in Mumbai scheduled for mid April There will be no sale of any kind in Delhi

The Divine Elements Volume I by Divyaman Singh

05th April 2024 - 08th April 2024

Dive into a world where art meets spirituality as Divyaman Singh's mesmerizing artworks explore the divine elements of Indian culture. Don’t miss this captivation experience! Join us for an enhancing art exhibition The Divine Elements Volume-I by artist Divyaman Singh, Curated by Shahzada Khurram Date April 5th 2024 Time 3PM to 9PM The Exhibition is on view from 6th to 8th April 2024 11am to 7pm Venue Kalamkaar Art Gallery First Floor Bikaner House, New Delhi We can’t wait to see you there!