Bikaner House

Hiring Space Available in Centre for Contemporary Art

The Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) is a repurposed building developed with attention to the needs of contemporary art exhibitions. In its earlier avatar, it housed offices of the Research and Analysis Wing. Collectively, the building features 5 gallery spaces across 2 floors. The ground floor and first floor spaces might be used collectively or separately depending on exhibition needs. There are three multipurpose rooms that may be used for meetings or as workshop spaces. A long atrium space along the front of the building is perfectly suited to micro-exhibitions. The entire space is equipped with track lights and other exhibition needs. An elevator and stairway facilitate easy access to and connectivity between the two floors. The spaces are designed to facilitate an easy flow of visitors through the building and to build a strong recall of the space and of the exhibitions it hosts.
Outdoor spaces surrounding the CCA might be used to display sculptures or other large-scale installations.

The CCA might be used for:

  • Contemporary Art Exhibitions
  • Interdisciplinary Work
  • Workshops
  • Intimate, Site-Specific or Devised Performance


Gallery 1: 4.8 x 13.38 m, height: 4.5 m / 15.75 x 43.9 ft, height: 14.76 ft

Gallery 2: 16.9 x 4.8 m, height: 9.2 m / 55.45 x 15.75 ft, height: 30.18 ft

Gallery 3: 13.5 x 4.8 m, height: 9.2 m / 44.29 x 15.75 ft, height: 30.18 ft

Gallery 4: 4.9 x 6.7 m, height: 9.2 m / 16.08 x 21.98 ft, height: 30.18 ft

Gallery 5: 7.9 x 4.3 m, height: 9.2 m / 25.92 x 14.11 ft, height: 30.18 ft

Dimensions for workshop/ multipurpose spaces and layout plans are available on request.


Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) Rs. 51000 per day (Entire Building)
Rs. 25000 per day (Ground Floor)
Rs. 26000 per day (First Floor)