Bikaner House


1. Can I book a venue at Bikaner House?
Yes, Venues at Bikaner House can be booked for arts and culture events. These may include exhibitions, performances, previews, book launches, film shoots, workshops, fashion shows and other events. Please see our User Guide for details.

2. I am organising a personal event. Can I book a venue?
No personal events are permitted, e.g., weddings, birthday parties, family dinners etc.

3. For how many days (minimum) can I book a space for the exhibition?
Including both installation and dismantling days, a space can be booked for a minimum of five days.

4. I don’t have a GST number. Can I still make a booking?
Yes, you can create a booking request without a GST number. However, please note that GST is applicable on all bookings.

5. Are venues at Bikaner House wheelchair accessible?
Yes. All venues besides the first floor spaces in the Main Building have ramps or elevator access.

6. How many spaces can one book at a single time?
You can book all spaces at Bikaner House simultaneously, or a combination of them, based on availability.

7. Is the entry to Bikaner House free?
Yes, the entry to Bikaner House is free. Entry to the events are also free. We welcome visitors on all days of the week. Please check Events for event timings and Restaurants and Stores for restaurant or store timings

8. Is retail or any other commercial event permitted in Bikaner House?
No, retail by private bodies is not allowed in Bikaner House.

9. How does one get to know about the Sunday Market and other public events?
Follow our social media accounts and sign up for the mailing list for information about upcoming Sunday Markets. If you are looking to set up a stall at the market, call 011 23388408 for details

10. How do I make a booking?
See our User Guide to learn how to make a booking.
Your proposal will be reviewed. If it is approved, you will receive a price quotation specifying the schedule of payments. You can confirm your booking by making the required payments.You can take a quick look at the hiring charges here.
If you have any questions about the process, please write to .

11. Does Bikaner House has furniture for exhibitions?
Bikaner House provides limited furniture as per the availability.

12. Is valet parking available?
Yes, facility is provided by the event organisers, subject to availability.