Bikaner House

Hiring Space Available in OUTDOOR SPACES

Chandni Bagh

To the rear of the Main Building, Chandni Bagh is an expansive and elevated outdoor area, with red sandstone pavilions surrounded by green foliage. It has a mix of covered and open spaces and is functionally linked to all other venues at Bikaner House. Hooks from the ceiling facilitate displays for fairs or melas, and the venue is well-lit in the evenings. The Ballroom and Art Gallery both open out into Chandni Bagh on one side. Chandni Bagh also features a small amphitheatre with concrete seating rows, a space that can be used for music, dance and theatre performances. It can accommodate audiences of around 150 people.

Chandni Bagh may be used for:

  • Fairs or melas
  • Exhibitions or outdoor installations
  • Performances
  • Previews, high tea, and receptions
  • Fashion shows

Rs. 20000 per day (until 6 pm)
Rs. 40000 per day (until 9 pm)


An undulating oasis of green lawns adjacent to the main building, Bikaner Bagh is perfect for small and large gatherings. In the summers, the tall trees that hedge Bikaner Bagh offer much-needed shade, while in the winters, its dappled sunlight holds the promise of warmth.

Bikaner Bagh is suited to:

  • Performances
  • Outdoor Workshops or Activities
  • Poetry Readings and Book Launches
  • High Tea

Rs. 0 – 7 days 44,000 (per day)
Rs. 8 – 15 days 39,000 (per day)
Rs. 34,000 Above 16 days (per day)


Named for their proximity to the Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA), the CCA Lawns offer a verdant and diverse venue. Fenced off from the hubbub of the city by lush tree cover, their undulating expanse lends itself to interdisciplinary experiences.

The CCA Lawns are suited to:

  • Performances
  • Outdoor Workshops or Activities
  • Exhibitions of Sculpture and Installations
  • High Tea

Located at the junction of two streets, the CCA Lawns are shaped like a quadrilateral, with a length of 63.49 m / 208.3 ft and parallel breadths of 22.5 m / 73.82 ft and 39 m / 127.95 ft.

Rs. 0 – 7 days 33,000 (per day)
Rs. 8 – 15 days 29,000 (per day)
Rs. 25,000 Above 16 days (per day)