Bikaner House

Government Offices

The Office of the Resident Commissioner and various other offices of Government of Rajasthan are located at Bikaner House.

Office of the Resident Commissioner

Office of the Resident Commissioner is the state Government office located in New Delhi tasked with multifarious duties of maintaining liaison with Ministries/ Departments/ Institutions in Government of India, foreign Diplomatic Missions and other stakeholders to promote the interest of the State Government and to meaningfully represent the state. The post of Resident Commissioner, with headquarters at New Delhi, was created in 1978. The Administrative Department for RC office is the General Administration Department, Govt. of Rajasthan.
The Resident Commissioner acts as Special Representative of the State Government to liaison, maintain contact and pursue various matters of importance of various Departments pending with the Government of India, other State Governments, and Countries through their Embassies.

Other Offices

Other offices Of Govt of Rajasthan, including PWD, Treasury, State Insurance & Provident Fund, Rajasthan Information Centre, Rajasthan Tourism, RTDC, Rajasthan Govt. Dispensary, Rajasthan Foundation are also located at Bikaner House that assist the office of the Resident Commissioner in the disposal of duties towards the state government.
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