Bikaner House


A Bend in the River Solo Show by Pratul Dash

28th September 2023 - 07th October 2023

LATITUDE 28 is delighted to present Pratul Dash’s solo exhibition titled *A River on the Bend that draws viewers to engage with an alternate view of reality. One of the most prolific voices in Indian contemporary, Pratul has been preoccupied with the fear and fantasies that accelerate contemporary life, constantly changing in unwarranted ways. His reflections on everyday, mundane, abstract and philosophical observations are reflected poignantly in this exhibition that features abstract artworks, drawing viewers into a world that is open to interpretation.

Tracing the Trails of Migration

23rd September 2023 - 30th September 2023

Tracing the Trails of Migration," a highly anticipated solo exhibition by the acclaimed artist Chippa Sudhakar organised by Shrishti Art Gallery. Featuring over 30 awe-inspiring artworks, Sudhakar's exhibition explores the impact of rapid urbanization and migration on communities. Through his versatile use of mediums such as soil, wood, and metal, Sudhakar revives fading memories of rural life amidst the urban chaos. His art symbolizes the struggle to find a balance between nature and development, inviting viewers to reflect on the past, present, and future of our cities.

Things are Vanishing Before Us by Gallery Dotwalk

17th September 2023 - 24th September 2023

Informed by the crucial philosophical and aesthetic questions of our time, especially when the physical is overtaken by the digital, curator Premjish Achari turns his focus on objects and its importance in our lives, through the exhibition "Things are Vanishing Before Us" - a groundbreaking survey of contemporary object-based sculptures organised by Gallery Dotwalk

Indiyart Workshop and Exhibition by RoofTop

16th September 2023 - 19th September 2023

-Explore captivating artworks -Join hands-on workshops -Co-create alongside master artists Network with fellow creative souls -Experience a mesmerizing art showcase

Anugrah by Nisha Jaiswal

13th September 2023 - 16th September 2023

Anugrah is a collection of work of over four decades which has been termed by experts as meditative art or even micro miniatures. The time duration to complete these paintings ranges from one to five years. In a day and age of short cuts and machines substituting for the human labour, Nisha's art stands for perseverance and hard work that go behind the painting as each stroke in made by holding the breath. She does not want to restrict her audience to the intelligentsia or to the people who are stimulated by the abstract. She has hence chosen deities and peacocks so that she can widen the scope of the comprehension of her art by viewers irrespective of their age profession or strata of society they belong to, as she sees in them her critics, advisors and Gurus.

Delhi Contemporary Art Week 6th Edition 2023

04th September 2023 - 07th September 2023

Delhi Contemporary Art Week is a curated forum drawing on the synergies between seven like-minded galleries in New Delhi, who have been promoting contemporary art consistently. These include Blueprint 12, Exhibit 320, Gallery Espace, Latitude 28, Shrine Empire and Vadehra Art Gallery. This year DCAW is coming up with its sixth edition at Bikaner House New Delhi. This edition will include walkthroughs with the curators, artists and the art enthusiasts. Along with that workshops and symposiums are also there.

Planet India Event

03rd September 2023 - 08th September 2023

As world leaders prepare to gather in Delhi for the G20 this September, Planet India will premiere at a high-profile event to celebrate the official launch of the project. We will screen footage gathered from across the country and convene celebrities, leaders, and storytellers from across India. This unmissable event will be a major focus for our campaign, amplifying our positive message to millions of people in the country and internationally. The lead up to this event will have a significant marketing and promotions campaign with key moments throughout the course of the filming and dissemination