Bikaner House


Delhi Contemporary Art Week

31st August 2022 - 07th September 2022

This year, Delhi Contemporary Art Week will be an attempt to streamline the conversation and establish a new paradigm, shaped by a generation of artists who have exhibited around the world by means of residency circuits, biennales, and art fairs, which is mature, sustained and part of the global aesthetic. Also presented will be masters of Indian contemporary, who paved the way for the rest with innovative artistic production that has remained future-proof. DCAW will also include outreach initiatives for children, art professionals, collectors, and others who are interested in art with panel discussions and talks on the art of collecting, maintaining collections, and handling artworks.


23rd August 2022 - 25th August 2022

As part of its ongoing program, UNESCO focuses on documenting and promoting the huge and diverse Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) practices spread across the country. This is one of the key tenets of developing sustainable, community-based tourism that has been deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic through 2020 and 2021. As part of its CSR-based Social Mission- Responsible Travel, Royal Enfield is working in the Himalayan region to promote sustainable tourism and build resilient communities. Royal Enfield is deeply committed to working with the Himalayan communities in preserving culture, knowledge, and traditions that are harmonious with just and regenerative living, and ensuring that these communities have the vision and expertise to make decisions that support their resilience in the face of change.

Concrete Dusk

21st August 2022 - 24th August 2022

This exhibition unfolds the works of M Pravat who has been exploring regard to expressions of a city under construction.


21st August 2022 - 28th August 2022

The show is an outcome of Mahima’s Junior Research Fellowship for Outstanding Artist in the field of Culture Archive, 17/18 which focused on the study of miniature painting and calligraphic lines from ancient to contemporary times.

Past Present Continuous

19th August 2022 - 26th August 2022

The curated group exhibition will showcase artists across generations and diverse mediums. These are the artists that The Guild has represented and worked with closely over the past two-plus decades. It will bring to the fore the contemporary trends in art practice and cultural and socio-political issues that the artists address through their works.


31st August 2022 - 04th September 2022

The conservation of memory is often dependent on documentation. ‘Riyaz' is an ambitious initiative to bring together the art practice of some of the most powerful voices of the country spanning different generations & regions. The idea is to showcase artists who work in diverse mediums thereby creating a narrative that is inclusive & open.