Bikaner House


Danfe Art Presents "A Lake That Once Was"

30th January 2024 - 04th February 2024

Danfe Art Presents "A Lake That Once Was" at Bikaner House! Dive into the rich cultural heritage of visual art from Nepal, featuring traditional 'thangkhas' rooted in Buddhism and Hinduism alongside contemporary artworks. Explore major socio-political themes through diverse artworks, showcasing the skill and craftsmanship of Nepali Artists. Nepal's multi-ethnic and multi-lingual landscape, with over 123 languages, celebrates vibrant cultural practices, some fading with time. Despite the diversity, art has been a unifying force in Nepal, bridging ethnic divides and fostering unity. This exhibition highlights the longstanding relationship between Nepal and India, emphasizing cultural connections. Experience thangkas from masters, contemporary art, and emerging artists' works, including paintings, mixed-media, sketches, and sculptures. An eclectic mix providing a glimpse into Nepal's dynamic visual art scene. Join us from January 30th to February 4th, 2024, at Kalamkaar, Bikaner House, from 11 am to 7 pm. Discover the shared narratives and artistic expressions that bind Nepal and India!

Casa Pop's latest collection 'Inscape' by Raseel Gujral Ansal

31st January 2024 - 04th February 2024

Discover the rich tapestry of inner life with Casa Pop's latest collection 'Inscape' at Bikaner House, Delhi. Curated by Raseel Gujral Ansal, this series offers a glimpse into the stillness and introspection of a world in pause. Witness how Indian artisans' paintings, digitized into wallpaper designs, capture the essence of solitude and internal fortresses. 'Inscape' embodies the confluence of art and design, reflecting the Indian identity through the lens of personal and collective experience. Join us in celebrating this artistic introspection and the indomitable human spirit at our exclusive exhibition by @raseelatcasapop

Gallery Espace presents Shakekthu Shalpaka

30th January 2024 - 16th February 2024

Gallery Espace presents "Shakekthu Shalpaka," a solo exhibition by Manjunath Kamath featuring his captivating paintings and sculptures! After a five-year hiatus, Kamath's return to the capital is eagerly anticipated by art connoisseurs. Architecture, a cultural emblem of its time and people, serves as a muse for Kamath, shaping his artistic expression. His works intertwine elements of buildings – from arches to cupolas, columns to walls – with fragments of paintings, sculptures, and textiles, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of imagery. Inspired by the unique architecture of Bikaner House, Kamath's creations in this exhibition respond to its distinctive features – arched doorways, vaulted ceilings, and high walls, reflecting the venue's rich history and contemporary cultural significance. Save the dates: January 30th to February 16th, 2024! Visit us from 11 am to 7 pm at the Center for Contemporary Arts (CCA), Bikaner House. Immerse yourself in Kamath's world of artistic interpretation!

Padm Presents Interwoven Histories: Art Traditions of the Silk Route

30th January 2024 - 04th February 2024

Padm presents "Interwoven Histories: Art Traditions of the Silk Route," curated by Falguni Bhatt. Explore the historical significance and cultural exchanges that defined the Silk Road through this captivating showcase. Padm (पद्म) is a contemporary sculpture gallery reimagining the exploration of sculptural art. This exhibition translates the spirit of the Silk Road into tangible art forms, encapsulating the essence of this influential trans-continental trade route. Each artwork is a visual narrative reflecting the diverse landscapes, people, and commodities that once journeyed the Silk Road. Young and emerging artists come together to explore Silk Route art traditions through ceramics and stone, offering their unique interpretations. This exhibition will bring the spirit of the Silk Road to life through tangible art forms, capturing its essence in captivating sculptures. Each piece will serve as a visual narrative, reflecting the diverse landscapes, people, and commodities that once traversed this historic trade route. Young and emerging artists come together to explore the heritage of Silk Route art traditions through ceramics and stone, offering their unique interpretations. Save the dates: January 30th to February 4th, 2024! Venue: Aasman, Bikaner House Time: 11 am to 7pm Immerse yourself in the beauty of interwoven histories!

Modern Tribal - Connecting Traditions by Gondwana Art Project

29th January 2024 - 05th February 2024

"Modern Tribal- Connecting Traditions" by Gondwana Art Project! Explore the rich heritage of Bhil and Gond artists, alongside special Indigenous/Aboriginal artworks from NERAM, Australia. Join us for insightful talks discussing the shared threads between these art forms across borders. Gondwana Art Project, dedicated to collaborating with indigenous artists, provides a platform for presenting their traditional arts in a contemporary style. The exhibition showcases tribal art forms like Gond, Bhil, Warli, Baiga, Kohbar, Sohrai, and Paitkar. With over 35 artisan families, the project encourages pushing boundaries between the Modern and Indigenous, preserving the authenticity of Gondwana's traditional art. Save the date: January 29th to February 5th, 2024 Time: 11am to 7pm Venue: Main Art Gallery, Bikaner House.

Mukhowta by Raj Shahani

29th January 2024 - 29th February 2024

Raj Shahani opens an exhibition choreographed as a sacred forest where he recycles antique wooden corbels or makaras by embellishing them with bronze , silver and panchloha not only as an act of repair and rescue but a conceptual intervention of unveiling masks we hold onto ourselves. Come celebrate with him this Sunday for ‘ Mukhowta’ at the Rotundas in Bikaner House at 4.30 pm for a preview until 9. The exhibition is open from 29 January till 29 February 2024. Time : 11am to 7 pm Venue: Rotundas, Bikaner House


29th January 2024 - 20th February 2024

Step into the vibrant world of "Unconscious Mind," an exhibition by the visionary artist Mahesh Sharma, inspired by his mesmerizing journey through the heart of Bhutan. Drawing wisdom from Bhutanese culture and the teachings of Buddha, Mahesh's creations unfold a unique tale of learning and collaboration. Strolling through Bhutan, Mahesh encountered two talented painters adorning traditional Bhutanese houses with intricate motifs. While marveling at their skillful brushstrokes, he sensed an opportunity to infuse a burst of imagination into their art. With his boundless creativity, Mahesh embarked on a collaborative venture, guiding the painters with new ideas to bring forth a fusion of traditional Bhutanese art and innovative concepts. A dazzling array of artworks, each canvas and sculpture narrating the story of the artist's mind. Highlighting this collection is "Nar Nari," a masterpiece that pays homage to Bhutanese style and motifs. Crafted with care and adorned with traditional elements, this artwork encapsulates the spirit of Bhutan, enhanced by Mahesh's creative touch. "Unconscious Mind" invites you to witness the magic of collaboration, where Mahesh Sharma's creative mentorship breathes fresh life into the traditional motifs of Bhutan. Immerse yourself in a world where simplicity meets creativity, and every stroke tells a story. Join us on this artistic journey, where Mahesh's guidance transforms the canvas and sculptures, revealing the beauty that emerges when tradition and innovation dance together. "Unconscious Mind" is more than an exhibition; it's a celebration of creativity, a testament to the power of collaboration, and an ode to the enchanting spirit of Bhutan. Step in, explore, and let the colors and forms transport you to a realm where the artist's mind unfolds like a canvas of endless possibilities. Join us from January 29th to 20th February 2024 at CCA Lawns Bikaner House Exhibition Time: 11am to 7pm


28th January 2024 - 04th February 2024

Embark on a visual journey with Raihan Rajiv Vadra, a visual and installation artist, as he unfolds his artistic prowess. Explore diverse themes from wildlife to street and commercial photography through his lens. In 2021, Raihan debuted with 'Dark Perception,' a captivating exploration of control in an immersive exhibition. Following this, he wowed audiences at The India Story in Kolkata. December 2022 witnessed his second solo show, 'Anumana,' delving into the profound concepts of choice and freedom in yet another immersive art experience. Now, Raihan invites you to his third solo exhibition, "UPAMANA" - The Comparison Conundrum, a six-part series inspired by the Pramanas from the Mimasa School of Hinduism. His evocative works mirror cognitive comprehension, demonstrating that knowledge emerges through comparing the unknown with the known. On View: 28th January to 4th February 2024 Venue: Living Traditions Centre, Bikaner House Time: 11am to 7pm

Sanchit Art proudly presents Nandan Purkayastha's solo exhibition "Genesis"

17th January 2024 - 23rd January 2024

Sanchit Art proudly presents Nandan Purkayastha's solo exhibition "Genesis" at Bikaner House. Immerse yourself in a collection of mesmerizing drawings and painted works on paper, including a captivating wall mural style drawing filled with hand drawn figures in conversation Nandan Purkayastha a self-taught artist with a background in fashion design unveils a series of artworks in monochrome, sepia, and crimson tones, invoking a timeless essence. Curated by art historian Uma Nair this exhibition transcends temporal and spatial boundaries, offering nostalgic fragments of the past and present. Influenced by Bengali alphabet forms and Durga puja pandal preparations in Assam Purkayastha's drawings reflect observations and imaginative interpretations. Hosted across two floors of CCA at Bikaner House this exhibition aims to inspire ecological consciousness emphasizing the enduring connections between humanity nature tine and life. Date: 17th to 23rd January 2024 Time: 11 am 7 pm Venue: Centre of Contemporary Art (CCA) Bikaner House New Delhi

Chawla Art Gallery Presents Cosmic Rhythm Through Delicate Sensibility - Sculptures by Tapas Sarkar

18th January 2024 - 21st January 2024

Tapas Sarkar is essentially a figurative sculptor working mostly in the additive that is constructing images by adding substances from the core to the upper layers to bring out the imagined from. Sarkar is always optimistic in his approach to file and positive in the delineation of his form. He transforms his figures into some kind of lyrical form Naturalist rendering is very rare in his works. He always breaks and disintegrate the natural form expands or world out look and approach to file. Stay tuned to experience his works of art from 18th to 21st January 2024 | 11am to 7pm at Main Art Gallery and Ballroom, Bikaner House.


14th January 2024 - 21st January 2024

Stepping into the expensive studio of artist Hemraj one becomes captivated by a myriad of artworks varying in size structure and hues. As the creations of one of the preeminent abstract artists of our generation these artworks initially present themselves as intensely saturated fields of colors and frenzied brushstrokes the radiant canvases exude a fresh vigor showcasing the artist’s innate understanding of colors. These paintings go beyond being mere visual experiences they encourage viewers to reminisce and connect with deeper aspects of themselves join us for the solo exhibition Eternal Reminiscence 2.0 curated by Kiran K. Mohan and presented by Dhoomomal gallery from 13th January 2024. The exhibition continues from January 14 -21 January 2024 11am to 7pm Venue LTC Art Gallery Bikaner House


12th January 2024 - 12th January 2024

Join us for an extraordinary event organized by Young India Foundation! We are thrilled to announce the launch of 'The Future Is Ours,' book by Sudhanshu Kaushik, the founder of our organization. In addition to the book launch, we will be honoring 25 inspiring youth icons who are making a significant impact in their respective fields. Save the date – January 12th, 2024, National Youth Day at Bikaner House for an event that perfectly aligns with the book's themes and the presence of these remarkable youth icons. Venue : Ballroom and Chandni Bagh, Bikaner Bagh


06th January 2024 - 09th January 2024

Join us at the debut photo collage exhibition Continuance by Tarini Sharma and Bina Thorsen at Kalamkar Gallery Bikaner House India Gate New Delhi - 110011. Opening Preview 5th January 2024 5pm to 9pm By invitation only On View 6th to 9th January 2024 Time 11am to 07pm Dive into the world of two young New York artists exploring process and time weaving a dialogue between Scandinavian and Indian influenced design Witness the pieces that beautifully capture a blend of cultural heritage and a contemporary perspective Don't miss this exciting exhibition that delves into archiving family histories through archiving


06th January 2024 - 08th January 2024

Experience the enchanting world of untamed elegance with Eyes of the Untamed by Monish Bali brought to you by Charcoal Chronicles. Witness our charcoal canvas come to life portraying the essence of the wild through mesmerizing golden ombre eyes. Immerse yourself in the captivating narratives of the wilderness at our unique art exhibit. Dates: 6th-8th January Venue: LTC, Bikaner House, Delhi Show Curated By: Ashish Soni Music Designed By: Amaan & Ayaan Ali Bangash Explore a fusion of exhibits, charcoal artwork, and the spirit of Delhi's art scene. Join us in celebrating the untamed beauty captured in charcoal.


05th January 2024 - 07th January 2024

Join us in celebrating 20 years of impactful research and policy innovation with J PAL South Asia at IFMR step into the world of evidence based impact at the J PAL Exhibition at Bikaner House Immerse yourself in the journey of rigorous research and innovative solutions driving societal change Engage with interactive displays showcasing transformative projects in poverty alleviation education healthcare and more Join discussions with experts explore success stories and witness how data driven insights shape policies and empower communities Experience the power of research in action and discover how J PAL is shaping a brighter future through evidence and collaboration do not miss this opportunity to be part of our mission for social change at Bikaner House event scheduled from 5th to 7th January 2024.