Bikaner House


Teej Utsav

31st July 2022 - 31st July 2022

Bikaner House will celebrate "Teej Utsav" on 31st July 2022 from 12 noon onwards (Chandni Bagh). We invite you for a scintillating experience of performances, celebration and traditional craftsmanship.

World Within World WIthout

31st July 2022 - 06th August 2022

This exhibit intends to explore the physical and the metaphysical world through contemporary art practices of early-career artists. Each practitioner in the group uniquely employs material and process. The formal concerns and motivations are uniquely their own. While they are all rooted, the practices are liberated from the patronage of scholarship and highbrow western culture. The exhibition includes works created during the self-imposed isolation (owing to COVID19), adding a distinct layer to their interpretations. Multi-disciplinary in nature and experiential in format, there will be two distinct areas, each focusing on the aatmmann (the inward) and brahmmann (the outward)


28th July 2022 - 08th August 2022

Repetition and patterns bring harmony to our existence by enriching our environment. Thus we as humans instinctively gravitate to visually interesting spaces that are based on an understanding of the symmetries, fractal geometries and spatial hierarchies found in nature. By understanding the mathematics behind the complex designs found in nature we can attempt to bring more of what’s on the outside near us - The more complex a system is the more ordered it becomes, and the more ordered it is the more at-ease we feel.


24th July 2022 - 27th July 2022

The collection is titled ‘Astroman’. It chronicles the life of an individual exploring space, and has various joys, adventures, and vulnerabilities. The pencil sketches depict his serendipitous encounters with the stars, the moon, and even with other individuals.

Unfolding Journey by Gallery Splash

20th July 2022 - 24th July 2022

It is a solo exhibition of the artist Lalu Prasad Shaw, an eminent artist from Kolkata. It is a display of his multidisciplinary oeuvre through his long journey as an artist. The event is about celebrating, educating, and acknowledging about the senior artist.

Vision 22

12th July 2022 - 12th July 2022

VISION 22 The event would be organized by RR Décor Pvt Ltd, a Leading name in the Home Furnishings Industry. RR Décor started operations in 1994 as a first generation business in textiles. We were the pioneers in launching Bhagalpur Tussar Silk fabrics in home furnishings Industry in India. The Bhagalpur Silk cluster flourished with RR with work between 1994 to 2007 employing more than 150 weavers.