Bikaner House


F N Souza by Crayon Art Gallery

22nd April 2023 - 27th April 2023

A Solo with works by FN Souza, one of India’s greatest artists. This show puts together 75 to 100 works by Souza from across all periods – beginning in the 1940s, till the 1990, and all mediums – from paperworks and watercolours to canvases.


22nd April 2023 - 25th April 2023

Petrichor is a solo exhibition of abstract paintings, drawings and installations. Curated by the Art Explore gallery, it is a collection of artworks by the artist Abhijit Pathak created over a period of 4 years.

Plastic Shapes Our Lives

14th April 2023 - 17th April 2023

“Plastic Shapes Our Lives” The sculptures are a result of the styles of the three artists: Eleni Stoelinga-Tsiapara, Pankaj Guru and Priyanka Gupta. Each specialized in their own field, thus adding another dimension to the whole work.

Whispered Wisdom

14th April 2023 - 17th April 2023

Whispered Wisdoms is an immersive art show showcasing the dying art of Bhutanese Thangkas and mask making. The exhibition incorporate paintings done on rice canvas and it will illustrate the use of stone and earth pigments along with colors extracted from vegetables. This encompass legends, characters and milestones from the myth from Bhutan's way of Mahayana Buddhism. The Art works has been crafted by a master Bhutanese artist Zeiko. He has been trained in the traditional form of Thangkas and his studio and team are the leading team that create work for the Royal Palaces of Bhutan as well as the Dzhongs, which are giant monasteries of study and prayer.

Melody of Life by Art Magnum

07th April 2023 - 12th April 2023

Art Magnum's "The Melody of Life" curated by Suneet Chopra leave an extraordinary experience to the art connoisseurs. Witness the eclectic expressions of four artists from Bengal, steeped in the tradition of an older generation but devoid of the limitations that were forced upon it in the struggle for freedom to produce works that used oils and acrylic on canvas as modern media on the one hand and evolve different uses of these in a new sense of figuration reflecting the changing needs of our times. Subrata Das | Samir Sarkar | Shampa Sircar Das | Shyamal Mukherjee 7th-12th April, CCA Building, Bikaner House

The Art of India 2023 by Times of India

07th April 2023 - 13th April 2023

Ultimate art extravaganza at the Art of India 2023, presented by the Times of India where established artists showcase their exclusive masterpieces, themed "Diversity and Inclusion. Engage in artist workshops and expert interactions, and witness never-before-seen artworks from the country's top artists. Join us from 7th-13th April 2023, 11 AM - 7 PM at Bikaner House (LTC), Gate No. 3, Pandara Road, New Delhi,

Untold Stories by Art Pilgrim

07th April 2023 - 12th April 2023

Art Pilgrim hosts 'Untold Stories' solo shows of Vinod Sharma and Deepali Bhattacharya, starting 7th April 2023 at Bikaner House. Venue- CCA Building, Bikaner House 11am to 6pm