Bikaner House



19th December 2023 - 24th December 2023

"Embark on a transformative journey through Inscapes: In Search of a Place Curated by Premjish Achari and presented by Bhavna Kakar at Latitude 28, this exhibition transcends borders, exploring emotional spiritual and cultural connections to place Experience diverse perspectives captured by talented artists, blurring lines between physical and metaphysical spaces. Engage with interactive installations and workshops, contributing to the evolving dialogue on our relationship with place Join us at for an immersive exploration of contemporary art’s interpretation of 'place.' Don't miss this opportunity! #Inscapes #ArtExhibition #SearchForPlace #ContemporaryArt #Latitude28" at CCA building in Bikaner House from 19th to 24th December 2023.


19th December 2023 - 24th December 2023

Join us at The Glassmakers Club's latest exhibition, 'The Hourglass: Pouring the Past into the Future' at Living Tradition Centre, Bikaner House. Curator Kristine Michael & Artistic Director, Ashwini Pai Bahadur. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing fusion of history and contemporary art as diverse voices of talented artists breathe new life into age-old glass masterpieces. Explore a journey through time, where each artist delves into a single historical glass work, unraveling its tales and mysteries, and reinterpreting it in a stunningly modern context. Don't miss this empowering display that unlocks both the historical and the contemporary, inviting you to embrace the past, present, and future simultaneously. @theglassmakersclub @artspeaksindia @ashwinipaibahadur @kristine.michael.90 Venue - Living Traditions Centre Bikaner House Timing - 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM Dates - 19-24 December 2023

Champa tree Contemporary Art Gallery Presents (Weavers of Contemporary Narratives)

18th December 2023 - 23rd December 2023

Come along for an exhilarating journey as we present the art work of Srinivas Pulagam, Keerti Pooja, Abhijit Saikia, Ravi Chunchula, and Samir Mohanty. Their art intricately creates a district visual narrative while flawlessly combining tradition and experimentation. An immersive experience of the exploration of historical architectures, natural landscapes, socio-political context, and ancient traditions, all reimagined in a modern context. exhibition Scheduled 18 to 23rd December 2023 at Main Art Gallery in Bikaner House.

An Intimate Affairs A Solo Exhibit by Aparna Banerjee

15th December 2023 - 19th December 2023

You are cordially invited to "An Intimate Affair," an exhibition that celebrates the wellness, moods, aspirations, and dreams of women. In a cozy and intimate setting, this event aims to portray the incredible journey of women through captivating art. Join us for an experience filled with beauty, inspiration, and the power of feminine energy. We look forward to sharing this intimate affair with you. Artist Aparna Banerjee and Curated by Shubho Sengupta, from 15th to 19th December 2023, at Kalamkaar Art gallery in Bikaner House.


08th December 2023 - 08th December 2023

We are delighted to announce "Kishangarh, a mythical landscape" which opens on 8th December 2023 at Main Art Gallery. An art exhibition of contemporary miniature paintings and painted textiles inspired by the heritage art of Kishangarh and poetry of Raja Savant Singh. This series reinterprets traditional motifs and subjects with modern concepts and techniques. Temples, palace and pavilions these are the motifs often seen in the background of Kishangarh miniature paintings. We take inspiration from the vast visual language developed by Kishangarh artist as early as the first half of the eighteenth century. Our modern works aim to continue this visual history. Venue - Main Art Gallery Timings - 11:00 AM - 07:00 PM

In the Forests of the Night Works by Tara Sabharwal 2014 - 2023

08th December 2023 - 15th December 2023

Join us as we explore the captivating world of Tara Sabbarwal's art collection, "In the Forests of the Night." From 2014 to 2023, this exhibition will take you on a mesmerizing journey through the artist's evocative wildlife-inspired works. Curated by the renowned Jasal Thacker, this blog highlights the exquisite beauty and raw emotions captured in each piece. Dive into the depths of the night forest and discover the hidden stories behind Sabbarwal's masterpieces. Don't miss this unique opportunity to delve into the realms of art and nature. at LTC building in Bikaner House from 8th to 15th December 2023.

TOFTigers Wildlife Tourism 2023

05th December 2023 - 05th December 2023

Join us on Tuesday, 5th December at Bikner Bagh in Bikaner House, New Delhi for the sixth ToftTigers Wildlife Tourism Award 2023 in association with Sanctuary Nature Foundation. This prestigious event celebrates and recognizes organizations dedicated to responsible wildlife tourism and conservation efforts. Don't miss out on this exciting celebration and the chance to be a part of the conservation movement.

Vinayaki A Solo Show by Aradhna Chaudhry

07th December 2023 - 11th December 2023

It will be an art exhibition inspired by mythological character of VINAYAKI -the elephant goddess .She is considered the female consort of lord Ganesha.Though Ganesha is worshipped relentlessly by Indians,very less is known about her. The earliest mention of her occurs in Matsya Puran in 550 AD where she is listed as one of 200 Shiva’s form. at Kalamkaar Gallery in Bikaner House from 7th to 11th December 2023.

Recent Works by Abhishek Narayan Verma (Represented by Anant Art)

01st December 2023 - 04th December 2023

Discover the mesmerizing recent works of artist Abhishek Narayan Verma at Anant Art. Verma's unique creations effortlessly blend traditional Indian art forms with contemporary techniques, creating a visual feast for art enthusiasts. From vibrant landscapes to thought-provoking abstracts, his art captures the essence of human emotions and the beauty of nature. Immerse yourself in Verma's artistic mastery as you explore his captivating artworks at Anant Art. Don't miss this chance to witness the brilliance of an emerging talent in the Indian art scene. #AbhishekNarayanVerma #AnantArt at Main Art Gallery in Bikaner House from 1st to 4th December 2023.