Bikaner House


Himmat's 90 by JCCA

21st July 2023 - 24th July 2023

The show is being organised by the Jaipur Center of Culture and Arts (JCCA). This event is about one of the living masters of contemporary Indian art, Himmat Shah, who will be completing his ninetieth year of Art Life. To celebrate Himmat Shah’s 90 years of Art Life, JCCA wish to organize a special exhibition on the art life of the great master. Besides presenting the ninety-year journey of the legendary artist, JCCA will also present his latest creation titled "Under the Mask", a collection of exquisite contemporary paintings. This exhibition is curated by Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya

Landscapes in Flux by Modern Art Gallery

22nd July 2023 - 27th July 2023

Modern Art Gallery sedulously brings together artists hailing from different directions of the country to present to you a curation that we call “Landscape In Flux”. The idea of how landscapes and architecture is perceived from an artist’s glasses has been a journey that has made us conscious not just of how versatility of our culture is sometimes an undefeatable muse, but also that architecture in itself is an art that psychologically influences and moulds an artist’s perception of the world how an artist conceives the world. (The preview is only invite based)

Cut from the Same Cloth by Seema Kohli

29th July 2023 - 07th August 2023

Are we all cut from the same cloth? If so, what is the fabric of our lives that once remained connected, how cognizant are we that the self is enmeshed, interlinked, without distinction, without discrimination in the universal fabric? This project attempts to address these questions and also trace them back to the literal, yet complex metaphor of weaving and our alienation from the art form that gestures towards creation itself, in our entanglement with the processes of capital and industrialized modes of production. The conundrum: If making is only labor, then what do we make of our maker? The exhibition explores the precious embroidered artworks, paintings, drawings and performances by Artist Seema Kohli. Venue: CCA Building, Bikaner House

Design by Nature by Mahesh Sharma

22nd July 2023 - 31st July 2023

An exquisite exhibition featuring the Blacklines Decor "Design by Nature," curated by the talented artist and designer, Mahesh Sharma. The exhibition will run from 22nd to 31st July, From 11 am - 7 pm. This exhibition is a celebration of the seamless blend of art, design, and nature. The collection showcases unique hand-crafted pieces that capture the essence of nature, offering an unforgettable experience.


08th July 2023 - 08th July 2023

*SYMPOSIUM BENGAL BEYOND BOUNDARIES AN APPRAISAL* We take the pleasure of inviting you to a panel discussion as part of a collateral of the exhibition titled "Bengal Beyond Boundaries' at Ball Room, Bikaner House. The panelists shall attempt to provide an insight from the Early to Modern Masters of Bengal and the practice of contemporary art in Bengal. The Moderator- Chhattrapati Dutta The Panelists: Prof. Ratan Parimoo, Prof. Jogen Chowdhry, Uma Nair, Nanak Ganguly and Ina Puri. Concluding remarks by Aman Bachhawat

Panel Discussion by Take on Art Magazine

09th July 2023 - 09th July 2023

From Resistance to Embracement: A Radical Continuum of Bengal Art Moderator: Parul Dave Mukherji Prof School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU Speakers: Indrapramit Roy Artist-Educationist Jogen Chowdhury Eminent Artist Samit Das Visual Artist and Researcher Soujit Das Art Historian Vishwajyoti Ghosh Graphic Novelist July 9, 2023, 5:30-7:30 pm Ballroom, Bikaner House

Fate Lines by Kounteya Sinha

11th July 2023 - 13th July 2023

It's an incredible story of how a thread changed the destiny of Mirzapur's women. The Mughal emperor Akbar, known to be a connoisseur of beautiful things, had an exceptionally particular fondness for carpets and decided to bring the finest Persian artists and weavers to India five centuries ago. During that journey, when they reached Gopiganj, a small town in modern Uttar Pradesh, their caravan was attacked by bandits. The weavers that survived that slaughter took shelter in villages around that area, making Mirzapur the Mecca of carpet weaving. The show will have 60 photos - mostly black and white but some colour.

Bengal Beyond Boundaries by Aakriti Art Gallery

08th July 2023 - 17th March 2023

'Bengal Beyond Boundaries' by 'Aakriti Art Gallery' Sculptures, Drawings, Paintings and Prints by Masters from the Past and Present. This show will have Jogen Chowdhury as a consultant artist and patron. The exhibition will deal with art that unveils the diversity and inane beauty of art history as present in the works of artists of Bengal. The show is curated by Uma Nair The show will be on display for public from 8th - 16th July 2023 11am to 7pm CCA Building, Bikaner House

Long Live The Tiger Book Launch by Sunil Gadhoke

05th July 2023 - 07th July 2023

A book release on Tiger Conservation in India, on the occasion of Golden Jubilee of Project Tiger. The Book Launch is planned for 5th July and the Photo Exhibition will go on for a few more days afterwards.