Bikaner House


The Chrysalis by Safir Anand

11th May 2023 - 11th May 2023

Chrysalis, a book penned by Safir Anand, celebrated counsel and a respected voice in IPR. A chronicle of the finest art, design, food and fashion born in India. Also showcased are the most endearing Indian tales of creativity.

Taj Mahal - Through The Twilights of Time

24th May 2023 - 27th May 2023

Taj Mahal - Through The Twilights of Time A solo exhibition of photographic works by Meenakshi Singh. With a vast experience in the field of Taxation & International Trade , Meenakshi is also an accomplished photographer which she pursues as a hobby . This body of work on the changing moods of the Taj is dedicated to the memory of her mother who she lost last year. The photographs capture the moods of this stunning monument across different seasons, its changing colors from dawn to dusk, and the magic of the Taj by moonlight.

From the Known to the Unknown

05th May 2023 - 11th May 2023

Solo show by Simaran Toor at Kalamkaar Gallery