Bikaner House


A. in Art with Awareness

28th October 2023 - 31st October 2023

Aarti Zaveri brings forth a body of works which is about layers and colors inspired by her constant work with elements connect with nature inner monologues and reflections on time which find representation on Canvas in a subtle coming together of diverse thoughts conveying the churning process that has been integral to her aesthetics of art. This series is about creating boldly drawing on her rich empirical experiences of understanding nature through art.

Art & Soul by Colour Stone Chintz Grain And Statue

30th October 2023 - 05th November 2023

The event is an exhibition of works of Raj Shahani a sculptor based in New York and Bombay and Revati Sharma Singh a painter based between London , Delhi and Himachal Pradesh. The exhibition is tilted Colour , Stone, Chintz and Statue. Dual Solos by Revati Sharma Singh and Raj Shahani. CCA exhibition on view 30th October 2023 to 5th November 2023 and LTC exhibition on view 30th October 2023 to 3rd November 2023.

Transcending Boundaries: A Multidimensional Journey by Kaarigari Foundation

28th October 2023 - 31st October 2023

The objective of this exhibition is to bring together a collection of artworks that challenge traditional notions of boundaries in art. By showcasing a variety of mediums technique and perspectives we aim to encourage viewers to question and contemplate their own understanding of boundaries in a broader societal context.

The Zardozi Projet by Divani

28th October 2023 - 28th October 2023

In a harmonious blend of art, culture & emotions , The Zardoz Project by Divani is all about celebrating the true spirit of “Hindostan”. Culminating the orchestra of culture & how it moulds the trajectory of our life through the medium of art, our craftsmen and artists unite to celebrate the magic of Indian art forms & stories inhabiting them.The union of Divani & Ibtida - Ek Mehfil is a heartfelt tribute to the love we pour into preserving the richness of India arts & heritage, reverberating on a symphony of craft, culture & tradition.

Mi Casa Collective Showcase by Make A Wish India

24th October 2023 - 25th October 2023

Join us for The Mi Casa Collective Showcase by Make a wish foundation on the 24th & 25th of October at Bikaner House, New Delhi. We invite you to a destination dedicated to Art, Interiors and Spatial Design over two days in our endeavour to bring together those who are passionate about design. Please do mark your calendar as we look forward to seeing you!

Solo Show by Vasunthula Ramakrishna

18th October 2023 - 25th October 2023

Cityscape has been the core of the body of work by Ramakrishna for quite some time. His earlier series were more descriptive and detailed in representing the city constructions and structures. Gradually, his visual diction has taken a more fluid, simplified and abbreviated stance. The closely fit and tightly embedded structures of the city abodes are simplified into very basic shapes, intricate and minimalistic, they are like fine threads of a fabric. On such evenly spread terrain of geometrically fragmented sections, there are frequent lyrical visual breaks created by infusing circular forms for vegetation and horizontal bands for balconies or patio. People standing in the balcony are like notes in a musical rendition, they create such kind of effect on the picture surface. They grant rhythm, movement, and vibration to the evenly quiet space.

Vishwatma by Arpitha Reddy

19th October 2023 - 25th October 2023

 In the capital city seeks to unveil the works that seek a contemporary reading of elements and mythical metaphors. Curated by Uma Nair, Artist Arpitha Reddy at Main Art Gallery in Bikaner House.

Diwali Range by Hamari Asha Foundation

17th October 2023 - 19th October 2023

Hamari Asha's Diwali collection embodies the essence of the festival of lights, and it all begins with our meticulously crafted diyas. These exquisite pieces are a testament to the dedication and craftsmanship of the women who create them. Each diya is a work of art, designed not just to illuminate your home but to illuminate the lives of the artisans who craft them.

Diving Deep With Dolphins by Mobius Foundation

13th October 2023 - 13th October 2023

About The Event: Our event will be a panel discussion on wildlife conservation, focussing on endangered species of India and discussing the initiatives of government on wildlife conservation. The National Wildlife Week will be celebrated from the 2nd to 8th of October, and our event seeks to celebrate the wildlife week through an informed knowledge-based discussion on wildlife conservation in India and highlight the major challenges and achievements facing Indian conservation. The event will serve as a platform for collaboration, enabling participants to explore potential partnerships between conservation organizations, civil society, and government bodies. By bringing together diverse stakeholders, we aim to foster synergy and develop concrete strategies to mobilize resources effectively for wildlife conservation in India. The event will also display curated wildlife art of renowned wildlife artists of India.

Unesco Royal | Enfield Presents: Journeying Across The Himalayas II

08th October 2023 - 10th October 2023

About The Event: The event is a showcase of The Great Himalayan Exploration, which is the resultof a unique partnership between UNESCO and Royal Enfield. The Great Himalayan Exploration aims to engage the motorcycling community and the traveller community at large to document, preserve and promote the Intangible Cultural Heritage of India, beginning with the Himalayas. The intent of this event is to create awareness about the local communities of the Eastern Himalayan region and their cultural heritage and traditions. The objective and curatorial intent is to introduce an urban audience to the richness and diversity of our cultural heritage in an interesting and immersive manner.

जीव और वन जीवन The Shared Breath by Trilochan Anand

07th October 2023 - 14th October 2023

We welcome you to the world of जीव और वन = जीवन - The Shared Breath, a solo show by Trilochan Anand and curated by Jyoti A Kathpalia. In his unique painterly style, the artist paints a mesmerising world of nurturing interconnections synergising different elements of nature and living beings and evoking a gamut of emotions associated with the ethics of nurture. 7th to 14th October 2023 11 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Main Art Gallery, Bikaner House, New Delhi.

My Territory Solo Exhibition Yigal Ozeri

13th October 2023 - 22nd October 2023

ABOUT EXHIBITION: Bruno Art Group is excited to present the first solo exhibition by critically aclaimed and world renowned New York - based artist Yigal Ozeri. For the firsttime the Artist will be unveiling a new series of paintings of life and streets ofNew Delhi. These hyperreal, figurative pictures document contemporarystreet life of the Capital city of India. For many years Ozeri has beenestablished as world famous hyperrealistic master of the female figure buthas recently switched his focus to the cultural and urban landscape. The newly discovered theme was presented in last year’s ‘A New York Story’ andthis year's "London Stories" curated shows in international galleries in USA andUK. Ozeri’s compositions first appear to be a casual snapshot or an artfularrangement of editorial photography and give the audience a feeling of being in a ‘cinema’. People and items are cropped, partly obscured and fragmentedto deliver an impression of fast-moving, undifferentiated urban life. Despite itsapparent spontaneity, this is deliberate, carefully chosen and meticulouslyedited image-making. The paintings are rendered in the artist’s trademark painstaking technique. At first sight they appear to be photographs; closerinspection reveals them to be painted. The painter shares with the audience aunique story. With audiences in India the painter wishes to share his experienceof his first visit to India in 2022.

Magic Markers by Gallerie Splash

06th October 2023 - 12th October 2023

At some point in the modern era, art history adopted the Idea of progress. The most influential story of progress went like this: Painting is a Journey of discovering the medium's inherent qualities. It began with the invention of a single-point perspective and reached a significant milestone with its eventual rejection. The trip ended in the mid-twentieth century with colour field painting and minimalism. At that point, everything that painting could achieve had been achieved, and everything that could expressed by applying pigment to a few square feet of canvas or paper had already been expressed.

The Love of Song Errantry by Art Incept

01st October 2023 - 09th October 2023

The exhibition will showcase 3 young artists all of whom use watercolor as their prime medium in there works. The artists are highly influenced by there surroundings, the world outside them that often impacts us and how we are. While Shubham looks at the sociopolitical situation and its impact on the landscape and architecture of his little village community, Pankaj looks at how urbanization and land politics impacts land holdings, the air and water. Brojeswer, on the other hand, depicts landscapes in a simplified abstract imagery often with a meditative nature