Bikaner House


Group Show

27th September 2022 - 01st October 2022

A group exhibition showcasing the works of seven young artists, with diverse backgrounds, experiences and aspirations. This is an exhibition which exudes immense passion and energy while presenting a commentary on the life-affirming interconnection of nature and man.

Kalinga Kraft

16th September 2022 - 19th September 2022

The event is about displaying the crafts and weaves of Odisha in a refined and curated format. There will be a focus on the SANKALP Kendrapara project, a pilot project under being executed by MSDE, GoI, State Institute for Development of Arts & Crafts(SIDAC), H.T & H dept., Govt. of Odisha, and District administration, Kendrapara, Odisha. The project focuses on the execution of comprehensive interventions across the Golden Grass (natural fibre) cluster in Kendrapara district, Odisha. The impact numbers are 3128 artisans across 35 villages over a span of two years.

Green Futures

20th September 2022 - 25th September 2022

Green Futures is a solo exhibition of works by Delhi-based artist Deepak Kumar. The show contains a series of paintings, drawings, and sculptures by Kumar. The exhibition will be open to the public. Building on Deepak Kumar’s decade-long engagement with questions of biodiversity and its increasing extinction, this exhibition speaks about futures where there is a balance between the green and concrete patches of urban India.

Book release of Martin Le Coz; The King Of The Mountain

24th September 2022 - 24th September 2022

Bheegi Lakeerein by Rita Jhunjhunwala

23rd September 2022 - 28th September 2022

Rita Jhunjhunwala is an artist who has been writing poetry for the last four decades. The rendition of the poems on canvas has been a fairly recent idea. She has tried to capture the mood and theme of the poems through acrylic and mixed media on canvas. The works are semi-abstract. The sizes range from as small as 12”x12” to bigger ones like 24”x48”

Group Exhibition by Crayon Art Gallery

16th September 2022 - 19th September 2022

Group Show of works by India’s leading Modern Artists that include MF Husain, FN Raza, Ram Kumar, Krishen Khanna, Somnah Hore amongst others. This would include works on canvas, paperwork and sculptures. The event will be open to public

Asim Paul's Exhibition

17th September 2022 - 25th September 2022

Asim’s works are in response to the ongoing reality. The memories left behind, the glorious crisis of today's globalized life, the endangered environment all these things hurts the artist. The daily struggles of human life with all these things deeply touched him.

Lalu Prasad Shaw

16th September 2022 - 25th September 2022

Shaw continues to explore life and humanity in many varied ways, the trivial and the romantic juxtaposed with the satirical and melancholic. His lyrical paintings with the quintessential Bengali Babu & Bibi have enthralled a generation. Realizing that it is time enough to present Shaw’s masterful body of work to art lovers.

Rediscovering Hampi

13th September 2022 - 22nd September 2022

Manoj Arora's photographs reflect Hampi as the ultimate capital of the last of the great kingdoms of South India, enriched by the cotton and spice trade, Hampi was one of the most beautiful cities of the medieval world, haloed with palaces and temples. The exhibition of photographs will reflect Indian art history at its finest by curator Uma Nair.


09th September 2022 - 14th September 2022

Acclaimed visual artist Sanjay Bhattacharya is a multi-faceted personality. He has been indulging in photography since the past two decades, and the photographs clicked by him are as good as paintings and are a visual feast. Prithvi Fine Art And Cultural Centre, Delhi takes pride in highlighting his photography skills to the public at large. The exhibition will be curated by acclaimed artist, poet, photographer and documentary filmmaker, Sangeeta Gupta.