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11th June 2024 - 17th June 2024

Based in Dubai, Nupur Jha is a banker and international artist. Her latest collection of abstract artwork is called “Atrangi”. She characterizes her art as a lively voyage of colors on the canvas that she merely observes. This adventure is exclusive to artists and art lovers, as it can only be felt in their hearts, rather than seen with their eyes. We warmly welcome you to join us on this enchanting journey through the unexplored world of colors that will captivate your heart and mind. Date 11th to 17th June 2024 Venue Living Tradition Centre (LTC)

Bikaner House Summer Workshop 2024

03rd June 2024 - 08th June 2024

As we commence the third and final week of the Bikaner House Summer Workshop 2024 get ready for an even more exciting and fun filled experience Join us for Wood Painting and Miniature Painting workshops for kids at Kalamkaar Bikaner House from 3rd to 8th June 2024 from 11 am to 1 pm Wood Painting Workshop Let your kids unleash their creativity as they learn the art of painting on wood From vibrant designs to intricate patterns wood painting offers endless possibilities for young artists to express themselves Miniature Painting Workshop Discover the beauty of miniature art as your kids dive into the world of intricate details and delicate brushwork. Miniature painting is not only a form of artistic expression but also a window into the rich cultural heritage of India Registration begins from 6th May 2024 There is no registration fee but participants will need to purchase the kit for each art form To register simply send the details of your kids including age and preferred art form to